Expert Witness Consulting Services provides a range of services to independent professionals and law firms engaged in expert witness and related activities

Our Purpose

Expert Witness Consulting Services, LLC (“EWCS” or the “Company”) connects vetted and specialized expert witness professionals to law firms across the nation.

With its incremental, litigation-experienced human resources and national recognition within the legal community, EWCS significantly enhances the positioning and “throw weight” of affiliated expert witness firms.

As a selective and vastly experienced firm, EWCS provides unique, high touch services to foster and maintain beneficial relationships and deal flow – starting with finding the right expert for our participating law firms.

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  • For Law Firms
  • Our Affiliated Professionals
  • Our Professionals

For Law Firms

  • EWCS is a “go to” service for litigation attorneys seeking to engage reliable testifying or consulting experts.
  • Electing to work with less than 10% of the Affiliated Professionals identified, EWCS is positioned to bring top-tier talent to the table for its law firm clients and is continually seeking to expand the scope of its expert "silos".
  • With varied backgrounds and concentrations, EWCS’ in-house professionals and affiliated professionals are able to serve law firms on multiple cases, leading to reliable and efficient relationships/service.

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Our Affiliated Professionals


  • EWCS is a new initiative with a growing Affiliate Professional base. It enhances the “bench strength” and marketing reach of affiliate expert witness firms, allowing them to utilize various services and grow their practices without management, back office, and cash flow restrictions.  
  • With additional human resources and access to a larger universe of relevant law firms, Affiliates are able to work on larger assignments and develop reliable relationship and efficient services.

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Our Professionals

Our Professionals have incremental litigation experience and national recognition within the legal community.  They enhance the services provided by the Affiliated Professionals with analytical, strategic, and infrastructure support. Together, our Professionals and Affiliated Professionals produce an exceptional and seamless work product and experience.

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   “EWCS’ mission is to bring the highest level of expert witness service to the litigation community, through both plaintiff and defendant roles. We bring credible perspectives, bolstered by years of "real world" experience, to topics such as business valuation, economic damages, Intellectual Property and corporate governance.”
~ Henry Owsley, Co-Founder